22mm DC Gearmotor with steel gearbox (old style)

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Restocked with an improved aluminum gearbox here!

Tired of motors that easily break in robot combat situations?  Our battle-tested 22mm gear motors have been custom manufactured for us to maximize survivability during the heavy impacts of robot combat!   The planetary gearbox uses steel gears throughout to minimize failures due to violent impacts.  Our custom output shaft is made from S7 tool steel and custom heat-treated to provide maximum strength without becoming brittle.  The output shaft is supported by two ball bearings to maximize efficiency.  This is the ultimate motor for beetleweight robots, and is also a great choice for 2WD antweight robots!

780 RPM on 12 volts.  A 3S LiPo pack is a great choice to drive these motors, and 4S packs have been successfully used with these motors.  The Scorpion Mini is a great ESC to drive these motors!

This is the motor used in our "D2" 3 pound combat robot kits and "Ant1" 1 pound combat robot kits

The D2 combat robot uses 4 of these motors total

The Ant1 combat robot uses 2 of these motors total

RP-GM-22-12V780 Specification Sheet

Weight: 85g

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