Ant1 Combat Robot Kit

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This is our one pound (antweight) combat robot kit.  We designed this kit to be as affordable as possible, utilizing manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting, while still providing good combat capability.  Certainly not as robust as our D2 kit, but a fraction of the cost.

NOTE: THE ANT1 KIT ONLY WORKS ON STEEL-FLOORED ARENAS.  If you try to run this bot on normal floors, or without using the included magnets, the torque from the motors will just cause the robot to flip.  On a steel floored arena, this bot is fast and powerful!

Each Ant1 Combat Robot Kit includes:

  • 3x  3D printed plastic robot body parts
  • 1x  waterjet cut aluminum wedge
  • 1x  laser cut polycarbonate base
  • 1x  laser cut polycarbonate top
  • 2x  combat gear motors (RP-GM-22-12V780)
  • 2x  CNC machined aluminum axle adapters
  • 1 pair (2 count) of our 1" wide combat wheels with foam tires
  • 1x  Magnet Kit (2 magnets, child-resistant packaging)
  • 1x  mini power switch with wrench
  • 1x  LED Power Indicator Light (350-2126-ND)
  • 2x  #8x3/4" flat head sheet metal screws
  • 4x  #6x1" flat head sheet metal screws
  • 4x  4-40x0.3125 socket head cap screws
  • 6x  #4x1/4 flat head sheet metal screws
  • 4x  #4x1/4" pan head sheet metal screws
  • 4x  6-32x0.5 socket head cap screws
  • Wire to connect the motors and power switch to the speed control
  • Self-adhesive Velcro tape, to mount the speed control and receiver

Weight: 362g, not including the below items.

To complete your Ant1 kit, you will need the following items:

  • An electronic speed control (ESC), such as our Scorpion Mini speed control
  • A radio control unit (transmitter and receiver), such as the Spektrum DX4C
  • An appropriate battery (2S or 3S LiPo, at least 150mAh capacity), with charger
  • Protective wrap for the battery (e.g. foam or bubble wrap)