Changes for our D2 and Ant1 kits

Based on customer feedback, we have decided to make changes to both the D2 and Ant1 kits.

The D2 kits are now coming standard with the titanium wedge.  Aluminum wedges will be available in limited quantities as an add-on option, but experience has shown that the titanium wedge is the way to go for fighting bots with powerful spinning weapons.  The D2 kits are also now coming standard with hook-up wire and self-adhesive Velcro strips for mounting the speed control and receiver.  We have also decided to remove the magnet set from the standard D2 kit, as many have found the D2s to be more competitive and agile without the magnets.  Those will be available as an optional component.

The Ant1 kits are now also coming standard with hook-up wire and self adhesive Velcro strips.  We've also modified the plastic chassis and components to improve the strength of the wedge attachment.  The wedge is now attached with much longer screws that extend deep into the chassis, making the Ant1 better able to deal with impacts from powerful spinning weapons.  We are also looking at changing the Ant1 kit to come standard with a titanium blade, but that will require a price increase, as titanium is considerably more expensive than aluminum.

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