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About us, based in Duvall, Washington, USA, has been manufacturing robot kits since 2009, starting with our robot chassis kits designed for university and research applications.  In 2014 we introduced our first combat robot kit, the D2 beetleweight (3 pound) kit. The D2 kit was refined through experiences gained at robot combat events, and is now a very capable robot combat kit.  While we designed the D2 kit as an entry-level combat robot kit, the speed and robustness of that kit have allowed it to collect several victories in beetleweight combat contests in 2015 and 2016.  In 2015 we introduced our low-cost antweight (1 pound) combat robot kit, the Ant1.  New kits are coming too!  We are currently developing:

  • Two Arduino-based robot kits for educators and hobbyists
  • A new antweight combat robot kit
  • An integrated electronics and software package for our research bot kits
  • A robot-arm add-on for our 4WD research robot chassis