2015 Kenworthy Krunch

We had another good showing at the summer Western Allied Robotics combat event.  A D2 kit using our prototype titanium blade won overall, after a difficult match versus Allosaurus.  Allosaurus is a very capable vertical spinner which has won many of the Western Allied Robotics matches.  The final fight included several tosses of the D2 robot against the roof of the arena by Allosaurus, but the durability of the D2 kept it fighting strongly to the end, finally managing to maneuver Allosaurus into the pit.  This was an excellent test of the tool steel axles in our 22mm combat robot motors.  The D2 winner did have one axle bend from a particularly vicious hit, but that’s preferable to a broken axle, as the D2 was able to keep fighting strongly, even with that bent axle.  Another D2 kit finished 3rd overall, so a strong showing for our kit at this event!

D2 Win - 2015 Kenworthy Krunch

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