2015 Seattle Bot Brawl at Robothon

Another great showing for our kit bots at the Western Allied Robotics Seattle Bot Brawl, which was held in conjunction with Robothon at Seattle Center.

In the antweight division, one of our Ant1 kit-bots finished 4th overall out of a field of 19 antweight bots, only losing out to 3 high-end antweight spinner bots built from carbon fiber and titanium.  A very good showing!

In the beetleweight division, D2 kit-bots finished 1st, 3rd, and 4th overall, out of a field of 13 beetleweight bots.  First and third place were taken by two younger contestants in their second combat robot experience, the first time with D2 kits!  The final battle was epic, as the “Blue Thunder” D2 kit-bot battled the highly capable vertical spinner “Dark Pummeler”.  While Blue Thunder took significant damage to its aluminum wedge, and went airborne several times during the match, it finally managed to disable Dark Pummeler for the overall win.  Congratulations Morgan and Ethan on the awesome finishes!

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