BotKits 4WD research chassis bot wins at Robothon 2016!

The inaugural Pop Can Challenge ran at Robothon 2016.  This challenge is focused on autonomous bots working within a simulated apartment space, with a primary goal of retrieving of a can of pop from a mini-refrigerator in the "kitchen" and delivering that can of pop to the coffee table in the "living room".  In this first iteration of the Pop Can challenge, none of the robots entered were able to retrieve the can of pop.  One of our research chassis, equipped with the optional active bumper module, an Arduino main processor, an IonMC RoboClaw 15A motor controller, an HC-SR04 sonar sensor combined with the NewPing library, and an Adafruit BNO055 IMU achieved the top score by efficiently travelling from the living room to the refrigerator and back again.

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