Quality, compact, price-effective. This robot kit is a platform for learning robotics principles and programming. Powered by custom Arduino and sensor boards, stepper and servo motors, active bumpers, plus a lift arm, this kit will enable the student or enthusiast to program line tracking, dead reckoning, obstacle detection, and robotic manipulation of objects!

Standard features:
  • Dual reflectance sensors for line tracking and intersection detection
  • Dual micro-switch enabled bumpers for obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Dual stepper motor drive providing precise turns and movement
  • Full color RGB LED on board for visual debugging
  • Two servo ports (one used for the lift arm)
  • I2C interface for sensor expansion
  • Standard Arduino (C-like) programming
  • Custom Arduino library with high and low level robotic functions

Planned additions:

  • Challenge mat for exercising your robot skills
  • Educational resources (lesson plans, instructional videos, etc.)
  • Basic tutorials

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