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Combat robot wheels with foam tires, 2.75"x 1.0" (pair)

Combat robot wheels with foam tires, 2.75"x 1.0" (pair)

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Tired of robot wheels that break or fall off during combat?  We selected this type of wheel and tire to provide good survivability in combat, and provide cushioning of impacts, either from other bots hitting the wheels, or from your bot being tossed about the arena.  The foam tires not only provide great traction, they provide this cushioning effect!  Combined with our 4mm hub adapter, this is a tire and hub combination that hangs in there during robot combat!

Custom manufactured for!

Sold as a pair (2 count), 2.75" diameter, 1.0" wide. For use with "Ant1" 1 pound combat robot or the D2 combat robot kit (to save some weight over the 1.5" wide wheels/tires).

When replacing all of the wheels on Ant1 - order quantity 1 for a total of 2 wheels/tires.  For the D2, order quantity 2 for a total of 4 wheels/tires.

Weight: 18g/0.040 lb each

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